When I try to watch a video, the player either is blank or won't play. How do I fix this?

Unfortunately, there can be many reasons why videos will not play, but we've found the most common reasons are:

  • Flash is out of date, installed incorrectly, or not installed at all
  • Browser is out of date
  • Ad Blocking software has been enabled that is blocking the video from playing
  • Very rarely, the server that streams the video may be down

If you have experienced any of these, fortunately there are very easy fixes for most problems:

Step 1. To check to see if it is a flash problem please go to: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html. From here you will be able to check to see if flash is installed, if it is out of date and where to download the newest version. Once you have completed the steps you can revisit this page to check once again if flash is now working. If it is, you should be able to start viewing videos on myLifetime. If it is not still, you will see a box that lists some basic information about your computer set up. This includes flash version, operating system info and browser type. Please take a picture or copy and paste this info when you submit a ticket for further help. This will help us isolate the problem.

Step 2. Be sure to download the newest browser. you can find the most common new browsers here:

Step 3. Please make sure to either turn off ad-blocking software or to "white list" history.com in your approved server list.

Step 4. If none of the above steps have worked, it is very likely that the server is experiencing problems and will be resolved shortly. Please try back in 2-4 hours and we should be back up and running.

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